Scouting with Pack 681


Pack 681 is composed of Dens for grades K through 5, where each Den is usually composed of 5 to 10 scouts. As scouts progress through Cub Scouts, they earn different ranks for each year they complete: Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos, and Arrow of Light.

Each Cub Scout rank has adventures set forth by Scouts BSA which must be completed to advance to the next rank. In Pack 681, we track the advancement of scouts in Scoutbook. Scout adventures are carried out at the Den level, some of which are fulfilled by pack-wide events.

The various types of pack events vary from year to year, but include activities such as:

  1. Fall and Spring campfires.
  2. Fall and Spring weekend family camp-outs.
  3. A Christmas Party.
  4. A Pinewood Derby Race.
  5. A Blue and Gold Banquet.
  6. Service projects.
  7. Fund-raising events.
  8. A fitness event.

In addition, in many years we send Webelos ranked scouts to week-long summer camps such as Goshen Scout Reservation.

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