Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to be a member of St. James to join Pack 681?

A. While many of our activities center around St. James, our Pack 681 takes scouts of all backgrounds and faiths, and scouts and their families are not required to be parish members of St. James Catholic Church or to attend St. James Catholic School.

Q. What is a Den and what is a Pack?

A. A Cub Scout Pack is the organization chartered through a school, church, or other civic body with Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts of America). Each pack consists of multiple Dens for each rank and gender.

Dens are typically composed of 5 to 10 scouts, and advancement within the Cub Scouts is carried out at the Den level.

More information regarding scouting with Pack 681 can be found here.

Q. Does Pack 681 accept girls?

A. Yes, our pack is a family scouting pack. More information on can be found here, and a FAQ on the topic is to be found here.

Q. What is a Class A uniform and where do I get one?

A. The “full uniform”, commonly referred to as a Class A uniform, is the traditional scout uniform consisting of a button-down blue or tan shirt (depending on rank), a neckerchief with slide, a baseball-style cap, and a belt.

These uniforms can be purchased from multiple stores and online sites, but for new scouts it is often best to visit the Northern Virginia Scout Shop, where employees can help answer your questions.

Q. What is a Class B uniform?

A. Officially, there is no such thing as a Class B uniform. However, wearing other scouting related clothing, such as a pack t-shirt, is commonly referred to as a Class B uniform.

Each year our pack distributes Pack 681 t-shirts, the design of which changes from year to year. These t-shirts are purchased as part of the annual dues, but adults may purchase them as well.